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แนนซี่ กิ้บสัน แถลงข่าว เรื่องปลาวาฬ( WILD-CAUGHT BELUGA WHALES )

แนนซี่ กิ้บสัน แถลงข่าว เรื่องปลาวาฬ( WILD-CAUGHT BELUGA WHALES )

15 December 2012




BANGKOK, 15 December 2012 – The Thai Department of Fisheries announced last week that it is considering a request to import 6 wild-caught beluga whales from Russia for animal shows purposes in a Thai zoo. Love Wildlife Foundation and Earth Island Institute regret that the Thai zoo industry is planning to expand on a practice already abandoned by progressive countries and are appealing to the Department of Fisheries to reject the request.


The survival rate of wild-caught beluga whales housed in Thailand is dismal. Less than 10 years ago, Safari World imported four beluga whales from Russia and to date three of the whales have died.


"Forcefully removing such wide-ranging animals from the wild and confining them in captivity is clearly unethical. The high mortality rate in captivity in Thailand clearly shows that these animals don’t belong in captivity" said Ms. Nancy L. Gibson, Chief Executive of Love Wildlife Foundation.


Members of the public in Thailand have been equally outraged to learn about the request to import wild-caught beluga whales. A petition setup by Love Wildlife Foundation has garnered over 9,300 signatures in less than 5 days.


The Department of Fisheries has requested for information or feedback about the impacts of allowing this import and said that it will make a decision on the request on 19 December 2012.


"We are grateful that the government has asked us for feedback last week. However, we have asked that the government provide us with more information, including which zoo submitted the request and allow us more time to properly assess the request. This trade involves the lives of sentient beings and the decision should not be rushed" said Ms. Gibson.


The global movement to end the keeping of dolphins and whales in captivity is growing. This year, Switzerland joined a growing list of progressive countries who have banned the importation of dolphins or whales. Following votes in both Houses of Parliament, the keeping of dolphins or whales in Swiss zoos or waterparks will be forced to come to an end.


In 2011, Ocean Park Hong Kong abandoned their plans to purchase wild-caught beluga whales from Russia, partly due to the negative public reaction.


Earth Island Institute’s Associate Director Mark Berman said “Thailand is no longer dolphin safe if this request is approved. We would like to remind the Department of Fisheries that the multi-billion dollar dolphin safe tuna industry certified by Earth Island Institute is at risk if the request to import the wild-caught beluga whales is approved.


Ocean Park Hong Kong listened to the citizens of its community and withdrew its application to import beluga whales. We hope that that Department of Fisheries reject the request and join the list of progressive countries who have banned this cruel trade”.



Nancy Gibson

Chief Executive

Love Wildlife Foundation

Hp: +66 87 511 5111

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